We Help You Save Lives Through Design Thinking & Innovation.

Through customized user research and co-creative workshops, we help you develop a deeper understanding of your users in order to help you innovate faster.


Why Work with US?


Innovate Faster

Our custom and innovative design workshops allow your teams to move faster, whether it’s mapping out a new service or brainstorming new products.

Empathize with Users

With our tailored user research approach, we dive deep into users' needs, challenges, and motivations, to identify new business opportunities for your team.

Evaluate & Optimize

We’ll help you identify inefficiencies with your products or services, and provide your team with concrete directions on what to change & how.

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About Hannah

Hannah Duffy is an award winning user experience design researcher and founder of Lifestyle Medicine Design Studio. Her knack for building empathy with users and identifying opportunities based on this research has taken her around the world, helping clients make better decisions based on their users’ unmet needs, challenges, and behaviors.

When Hannah’s mother (right), was diagnosed with cancer several years ago, not once during the process did any doctor ever discuss or mention the importance of nutrition and lifestyle. Hannah also reflects back on the lack of nutritious food in the hospital, often packed with preservatives and sugar, and wishes the healthcare system and hospitals knew what Hannah has learned herself - food is medicine - the wrong foods can hinder and the right foods can heal.

After Hannah’s mother passed away seven years ago, Hannah started educating herself on how evidence-based research shows plant-based nutrition as well as other lifestyle and behavior changes can literally prevent prevent and reverse disease. Since then, Hannah has healed her own ailments & felt called to join the revolution to save lives - just as she wishes she could have with her own mother - through lifestyle medicine. She combined her expertise in design thinking and passion for plant-based nutrition together in founding Lifestyle Medicine Design Studio.

Hannah has led over 100 global user research projects across 20+ industries and interviewed thousands of users from cancer patients to engineers to healthcare professionals - from visiting a Diabetes patient in her home on the Southside of Chicago, to interviewing a hospital chef in the countryside of England, to working with young professionals in Bangalore, India.

After the research phase is conducted, Hannah facilitates energizing innovation and co-creation workshops to inform new programs, products, or services. Lastly, Hannah will also conduct evaluative research to optimize new programs to be as efficient and user friendly as possible.

If you’re a health-focused leader or partner, and you’d like help creating or growing innovative programs, products, or services, in and around the area of lifestyle medicine, we’d love to help.


With user research & patient-centered design as a foundation, your products & services will be on the cutting edge area of expertise in the medical field...

— Hannah Duffy, Founder


Our Services

Innovation Workshops

Your team already knows what type of program it wants to develop, but you need some help getting momentum. OR, your team is excited to innovate in order to increase sales or meet user needs, but you need help getting it off the ground. We’ll collaborate with you to design and develop effective solutions.


User Research

Your team needs to better understand user needs, challenges, and motivations as well as the product’s context of use, and users’ day-to-day experiences, but you need some help collecting user research data. You may also need some guidance on how to use that data to help develop the right product or program. We can do this for you or guide you through creating an in-house research plan.



Perhaps you already have user research data, big or small, but don't know how to analyze it and turn it into a new successful product or service. We can help you review big trends and recommend if further research is needed, or help identify areas of opportunity, all to help uncover hidden gems.